Special action in February

WE GIVE YOU $ 1,000.00.


Arrange to create a website or web shop in February and we give you a Google Ads campaign worth up to 1.000,00 kn to increase the traffic to your site immediately and get results together.


Over 8 years of experience, hundreds of completed projects and so many satisfied customers are the guarantee of the quality of our services. With us, quality is an imperative that we achieve through continuous training and certification of our team.


We know you want your solution fast, so we provide it. With us, web site development takes only 10 days, while web shop development takes approximately 20 days with the filling of the product. We achieve speed with quality work organization.


You know what you want, we know what we are doing and how to realize your idea. No matter what the service is: designing a website, creating a web shop, or creating custom programs, it's always easy for us to work.

Website design

DEADLINE: up to 10 days

The website is your digital business card, and we operate modern, professional and responsive websites regardless of the type of business you are doing. Creating a website with us is very easy, it takes up to 10 days from the time you provide us with the materials and it consists of only 4 simple steps.

Creating a website begins with a meeting where we discuss the details and briefly present to you what you do and what you like, and we will give you advice and suggestions on what the website should contain based on experience. For your project, a so-called subdomain (for example, my-page.aplikacije.hr) opens, where you can live-stream the development and show your loved ones and hear their opinions throughout the development of the website. On your subdomain, we create a proposal for the design and layout of the page, and after you confirm that you like the proposal and provide us with the materials, we begin optimizing images and texts and filling the page.

When done, we make sure your website is displayed equally well across all devices, and we do SEO to get Google and other search engines in position as close to the top as possible.

Website design

What is involved in creating a website?

Web shop design


Creating a web shop or creating an online store is the best way to make your products available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year because the online store never closes and visitors buy your products even when you are sleeping. It sounds amazing, but still, YES, we’re serious.

An online store has built-in automated processes that make the purchase process for your visitor products extremely easy, and inform you about the products you need to ship. This is why the e-commerce is the perfect place to sell your products, the benefits of which are being recognized by more and more people.

Web shop design

What is involved in creating a web shop?

Web marketing & SEO


Marketing through social networks – You are doing your job as the traffic to a website or web shop increases and the posts are written on their own. How is that possible? Simply. So you have left that part of the business in professional hands, and you have dedicated your time to your business and increased sales.

Google Ads – The best way to reach your target audience at your website or web store, increase traffic and increase sales. Ads are automatically triggered when a user types in a term related to you, and your ad appears at the top of Google. You decide your own budget and how much money you want to spend, and we make sure your ads are showing well and your budget is not wasted.

SEO Search Engine Optimization is customizing (and repairing) your site for search engines like Google. Internet search engines use advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to help them evaluate the quality of a web site, and give it a rating from 0 to 100. SEO rating is very important in ranking your site when displaying search results.

Web marketing

What kind of marketing do we offer?


Quickly issue invoices, offers and other documents.
Loco driving and travel orders
Records of employee working hours
Production and printing of payment slips
Project and task management
... and many more useful features

program for car mechanics car service | program development

Browse messages for servis
Automatically fill in vehicle and party information
Service overview
Set notes and reminders for each service completed
Bidding and invoicing
... and many more useful features

Caterers Program | cafe program program development

Fast and accurate inventories
Using O'Haus scales
Commodity and financial inventory
Warning on illogicalities
Minimum stock alert
Making an order according to the condition of the object
... and many more useful features

program builder | installer program | installer |

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APPLICATIONS.HR is a brand of Business Applications d.o.o. , specialized in developing software and web solutions. Many years of experience, dedication to work and continuous improvement guarantee our quality and your satisfaction.