How to restore deleted data

How to restore deleted data


How to restore deleted data

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How to restore deleted data

You accidentally deleted a picture, video, document you needed and now you’re banging on your head? It’s not the end of the world. The data on the disk is not actually deleted, but the part of the memory where the file was stored on the disk is designated as a free part of the rewritable disk.

In other words, your file is still physically on the disk, only no longer displayed in the folder where it was located, or in the “Recycle Bin”. The sooner you try to save a file, the more likely you are to succeed.

We have prepared 4 easy but important steps to get to and use your deleted data.

We wish you good luck.

Step 1 - Stop using your computer

Stop using your computer as soon as possible in the sense that you are not downloading new files, installing new programs, and taking no similar action, as there is a chance that the new file or program you are installing will be saved to the place where the deleted file was located and will become permanently lost.

In other words, the more time that has elapsed since you deleted the file to the time you try to restore it, the less likely you are to succeed, but in any case it’s worth a try.

Especially in these days when the disks are far larger than in the past, so the disk is not forced to re-use the space already used so often. Depending on the size of the disk and how you use your computer, it may sometimes be possible to restore files deleted even a few years ago.

Step 2 - Prepare for installation

If you do not have 2 physically separate drives in your computer, use or obtain the removable media you will need in the next step.

If you are not sure whether your computer has 2 separate drives, right-click My Computer / This PC (depending on the operating system you use and the OS language) and select Manage or Manage. Otvorit će se novi prozor. On the left side of the menu is the Disk Management / Disk Management section. Clicking on this will show information about installed disks and partitions on the disk.

When you start My Computer / This PC, some computers have multiple partitions displayed. Eg Local Disk (C:), Local Disk (D 🙂 etc. However, these are still only partitions of one disk, in which case it is necessary to use another removable or external media.

View the drives installed on your computer

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Step 3 - Download the program and perform the installation

There are plenty of good lost data recovery programs on the internet, even free or paid ones, but they have a trial version, which will be enough in your case because you do not plan to professionally deal with it but return the file once.

We recommend 3 simple and, most importantly, intuitive programs with which you do not have to be a mad computer scientist to figure out how to recover data.

Study which one is best for you and download it, but when downloading, be careful not to save the program to the same disk on which the deleted file resides but to another disk or other media (removable disk, large enough USB stick, etc.).

Step 4 - Install the program and run the scan

Zadnji korak je relativno jednostavan. Program installation is required. First, find where you saved the downloaded program and start the installation. When installing, make sure that you do NOT install the program on the same disk that contains the deleted file so that it will not be overwritten.

After the installation is complete, run the program. The programs work on a similar principle, offering you the choice of the disk from which the file was deleted and full and filtered scan options.

A full scan will take longer, showing you all the files that have been deleted but are still physically located on the disk and recoverable. If you know the type of file you are looking for, such as an image, select a filtered scan where you have the option of selecting files by file type. The scan will be done faster.

If a deleted file is found, you can recover after you select it. And that’s it. We hope you found this article useful and interesting and we wish you good luck.

An example of the layout of the program

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