Design, UI/UX

Choosing the right color for your target market plays a big role in how your site is viewed by visitors. We customize the design according to the W3C standard.

When designing each project, we pay special attention to the content being adjusted to the screen size of the device that the user is accessing, thus ensuring the same quality display from the smallest to the largest screen.


We use HTML5 / CSS standards and javaScript.

All websites are being developed so that even after being placed on the Internet, they can be further upgraded with various features and thus expand the content and capabilities you offer to users.

In addition, we use the proven and most used CMS that allows you to maintain and edit the site and content independently.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the customization of web pages for search engines to get the best possible ranking and top search results through quality texts and optimized images.

We further adapt all texts to search engines and reduce the size of photos while maintaining quality. With well-done SEO, your site will be highly ranked when searching.


A website is your digital business card that gives your business a note of seriousness and serves to present your services or products. Nowadays, a lot of small businesses use exclusively Facebook / Instagram pages in 30 minutes for their presentation, while on the other hand, a quality website speaks for you, your business, seriousness, transparency and power.

Although you understand the seriousness and importance of designing a website, the ultimate goal is not just to create a website. The ultimate goal is to create a website that potential customers will easily find when searching for targeted terms. Our slogan is “Programska rješenja za poduzetnike” and when we search for Google and other search engines, we appear first in the results shown. The goal of site development is to reach new customers easily, because a good website is the best advertisement for the busiest address that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Creating a website is a complex process in which you need to establish your preferences, do a detailed market and competition research, and then submit a design proposal that will delight visitors to your site, be consistent with your logo, and at the same time modern, responsive and seductive. Although there will be a lot of stops along the way from the idea to the publication of the site, with us this journey will be understandable and very easy because serious tasks should be entrusted to trusted partners.

Website design

Your wishes

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When it comes to web site design, the first step is to define your preferences. If you do not have an idea what kind of website you want, it is enough for you to present us what you are doing and we will give you a suggestion on what pages your website should contain. Materials – texts, pictures and video materials you can provide us or we can prepare them for you by appointment.

Website Design

After listening to your wishes, we will explore the market and design a modern page. For each project, we make a subdomains so that you can track the progress of your site live on, and this allows us to adjust the look to your preferences as you develop your design

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Web site development


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Once we have agreed upon the design, we will start designing your site. You can still keep track of the progress through the subdomain you created. All textual content is optimized for search engines, and images are reduced in size by using special programs that reduce the weight of the image but do not affect its quality, which later affects the loading speed of your site.


After presenting the layout and functionality of your site and filling it with content, we will complete the last optimization steps and set up your site online.

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Putting site on internet

Website Design


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