What is SEO and why is it important?
SEO optimizacija web stranice. Odlična SEO-optimizacija ključ je za pozicioniranje Vaše stranice na vrh internet tražilica. Prepustite SEO u ruke Aplikacije.hr .

What is SEO and why is it important?


What is SEO and why is it important?

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Nowadays everyone is talking about SEO as an important thing. In this article we will explain to you what SEO really is, why it is important and how to make it quality?

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What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, or in free translation, the optimization of your site for search engines. The search engine category includes all search engines where you can enter the search term and find relevant pages. In the specific example, the most important and most used search engines in Croatia are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

But what exactly does optimizing your search engine mean and what are the benefits of optimization, or why it is important, and of course, how good it is to make, are just the topics we plan to cover.

In addition, we will cover what are the most important steps to customize your site for search engines.

You must have heard about SEO many times before, a topic that many people nowadays consider important. Well deserved. To put it simply, all internet search engines work on a similar principle. When a visitor types in the search term, search engines search their database and list relevant pages, some closer to the top and some to the last. Why is that so ? The following factors significantly influence the position of your site when searching.


Search engines evaluate the quality of your site's performance by quite a few criteria  :

  • Speed ​​of loading of your site (so-called TTFB or Time To First Byte)
  • Keywords
  • The links between the texts on your page and the term the user searches
  • Optimizing media content (images and video content)
  • Visits to your site
  • Is your site responsive
  • The amount of time users stay on your page

And depending on how optimized your site is, it also depends on where your page will appear when you search. The better it is optimized, the closer it will be to the top.


TTFB or Time To First Byte is the speed of response of the server (s) and the time elapsed from the moment when the user clicked on the link to your page until the time the page started to load. This parameter is extremely easy to influence and brings us a significant change. TTFB depends on 2 parameters, the speed of the hosting only that hosts your site and the optimization of your site. You can read how to choose a good hosting in our article, and read about the adequate optimization below.

How does TTFB affect the visitor? The higher the TTFB, the slower the page will load and even to the extent that the visitor arrives to think that your site no longer exists and decides to go to competition pages, and we believe that this is the last thing you want.

Keywords or famous Metatags

Metatags are hidden words that should appear in the HTML header of each page or words prepared for search engines. Words that a visitor to your site does not see but are recognized and remembered by search engines to be familiar with the content of your site. To see if your page contains meta tags, open your browser page and right-click. The last option is Inspect or Check (depends on which language you use in your Internet browser). After selecting this option, a window with your page code will open. Click the arrow next to the word <head> which will open the extra code as pictured below. f you have meta tags entered, you will see the line in which it says <meta name=”description” content=”…..” .

Slika nije učitana

The connection between the texts on your page and the terms that the user searches

Search engines “remember” the text on your site and when a user types in a particular term, search engines search their database and look for all the pages on which that term appears, and then, according to the rating they give the site, display results. Regardless of the fact that you may have described your service or product perfectly, you should also think about the terms that customers will look for in your services. Let’s take our site as an example. We could put the headings “SEO is very important” and “Why is SEO important?”. Users are more likely to search for terms such as “What is SEO” or “Why SEO is important” than terms such as “SEO is very important!” .

Optimization of media content

The size or “weight” of your site certainly influences the load speed of the page, logically, the larger the page, the slower it is to load, and thus we have a more dissatisfied user and a worse rating or rank on Google and other search engines. How to reduce the size of images / videos or media content? Simply. Let’s start with the pictures. Each image has 2 essential details, its size (times width height) and its weight. The first step is to adjust the size of the image to the size of the frame in which it resides. Because if we have a 400 x 300 pixel frame and place 10 times the size of the image (4000 x 3000 pixels), the image will look just as good as if we had used an image of the correct dimensions, and would be 10 times smaller. After that, there are professional as well as free tools with which we can reduce the “weight” of the image without losing quality. An example of a free tool is tinypng.com .

Select one image, right click on it and Properties. Size says “image” weight. Treat it with the mentioned tool, and check how much weight you have removed without losing quality.

As for video content, they need to be moved from their server and set to load from external links like youtebe. In doing so, you have unburdened your hosting, reduced the page size, and got the same video from a far faster source than you probably have.

Izrada web stranica

The first image weighs 246 KB (* KiloByte) while the second weighs 67 KB, which is almost 4 times smaller than the first image, and the difference in quality is not visible. Think 180 KB is not much? Imagine having 10x images on a page that could be optimized, reducing the page size by almost 2 Mb, and thus the page load speed, visitor satisfaction and, of course, Google rating.


If Responsiveness is a foreign term for you, don’t worry, we covered the full topic of responsiveness in another article. How can you evoke responsiveness without superfluous definitions? – How many times did you come to a page where you did not see the content and had to zoom in to see what it was about? You realize how tedious and frustrating it is and how much it kills your will to read the content of that site, no matter how good it may be. It’s responsiveness. When the content and layout of the page and the size of the text are automatically adjusted to the size of the screen that the user accesses and the page is displayed differently on a cell phone, tablet, laptop, large laptop, monitor, etc., and always displays equally well. As you do not like it when the site is not responsive, so do not like the search engines and reduce its rating.

The traffic to your site and the time visitors spend on the page.

The traffic to your site and the amount of time your visitors spend on the page are closely linked to good Search Engine Optimization and actually form a vicious circle. When you have completed all the important steps mentioned above, your site loads better and is closer to the top of the search, attracting more visitors who find you by the term that interested them at that moment, which makes your competency. As a result, users stay longer on your site and study your services / products, and search engines raise your competence and put you closer to the top of searches, leading to new visitors and thus circulating until you “win” in the first place.

Our competence

Although today a wide range of “quality Search Engine Optimization” offers, it is nonetheless a branch of internet science that is far broader and more expert than summarized here in this article intended to clarify the very meaning of SEO and its importance. Our site, Apps.hr is in the first result or near the top of the search for the following targeted terms we have checked: “Software solution for entrepreneurs”, “Program for car mechanics”, “Website development”, “Inventory caterers”, etc.

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